Terms & Conditions

Living Wage Gap Analysis Terms (if applicable)

This agreement summarizes the details of a project proposed to be carried out by the association Fair Wage Network (Fair Wage) to receive support to analyse the living wage situation for its own employees -and eventually later on for its suppliers- and to provide recommendations to help these companies to reach the target of a living wage payment. This agreement is part of an overall pilot project on the living wage carried out by the FWN for L’Oréal. All conditions and prices thus correspond to a preferential matrix agreed between the FWN and L’Oréal. The implementation of this agreement will be conducted along the following three major steps that will be implemented sequentially:

Step 1. Your company sharing its employees’ wage data through our secured platform;

Step 2. FWN carrying out a living wage gap analysis in selected companies and markets;

Step 3. Preparing a full report on your company’s entities/sites that will compare wage levels to living wage benchmarks and on next necessary steps.

1. Your company sharing its employees’ wage data
Your company will provide the individual wage data for the selected markets to allow Fair Wage to then carry out a living wage gap analysis for each selected company.

Your company will share it wage data on all its own employees of the entities in the markets under coverage. This will be done under the Wage template shared by Fair Wage and that your company can uploaded in the anonymous and secured Fair Wage platform. 

2. FWN carrying out a living wage gap analysis in selected companies and markets

FAIR WAGE will conduct the living wage gap analysis and prepare results, graphs with synthesis results, graphs and country reports with the following results:

-The levels of the average wage in the location compared to the living wage thresholds.
-The average gap between the average wage in the location and the living wage threshold.
-The percentage of employees whose wages are below the local living wage threshold, by gender (for both women and men) and by the main categories of employees prevailing in the location.
-The estimated total living wage gap in the location, which represents (in local currency unit) what the unit/location should be paying in addition to what it pays today to make sure all workers would be paid at least at the living wage payment, across all unit in that location, and with also a distinction by gender and by categories of employees.
- Tables with all the minimum wages and both national and regional living wage thresholds in respective locations.

The conclusions at the end that summarize the main findings and provide some recommendations. 

Countries and suppliers under coverage
Your company would like the living wage gap analysis to be carried out in the following countries and entities (mentioned in the beginning of this quotation).

Time Schedule
The project aims to commence immediately and could be completed in 3-4 weeks according to the respective capacity of your company and related companies to provide the necessary wage data.

Proprietary Rights and Confidentiality
FAIR WAGE shall not without the prior written consent of our company advertise or publicly announce the subject matter of this Agreement or anything related hereto. FAIR WAGE shall not without the written permission of your company directly or indirectly refer to your company or its staff in connection with marketing of FAIR WAGE or otherwise use your company’s name, logo, trademarks or any other sign associated with your company, for any purpose.

The tools used for the living wage database (wage template, questionnaire for workers etc.) are proprietary products of FAIR WAGE and are protected by copyright laws and FAIR WAGE reserves all rights of ownership and copyright and all other intellectual property rights.

FAIR WAGE ensures that all data on your company’s employees’ wage levels collected through the FAIR WAGE secured and anonymous platform will be kept confidential. FAIR WAGE will thus never know any individual-specific information; all information will be on a no-name and anonymous basis. No personal data will be asked and the data collected will be used only for aggregated results. The data will be destroyed 6 months after this exercise. 

Validation and Certification Terms (if applicable)

FAIR WAGE carrying out a few random surveys to check the living wage gap analysis results in a few locations

Phase 1 will lead to a list of units/entities where all workers are paid at least a living wage and which could thus qualify to receive the FWN living wage certification. In order to check the data and to finalize the validation of your company’s living wage gap analysis, FAIR WAGE will carry out a few check points in few units in relevant locations (generally in 5% of your entities) through a workers’ survey carried out through an online platform. These surveys are not intrusive and are quickly done since they do not take more than 15 minutes of workers’ time. The results should confirm that in those units identified as certifiable all workers are paid above the living wage threshold.

FAIR WAGE provides the Living Wage certification

Once the surveys confirm initial results, FAIR WAGE can then confirm the FAIR WAGE certification to your company as a Living Wage employer. Your company can then use the LIVING WAGE certification/label of FAIR WAGE for marketing and reputational purposes. The first time the living wage certification is valid for a period of one year after which a living wage gap analysis must take place again. From the second year, the renewal of the certification will be valid for a period of 2 years.

Living Wage Database access (if applicable)

This agreement summarizes the details about giving access to the online database built by Fair Wage and which is located at:


and also available through the FWN website: https://Fair-wage.com

This database provides legal minimum wages and living wages at national level for nearly 200 countries. It also proposes more than 3000 regional/city thresholds which would allow companies to know living costs the closest to their exact location. It includes different possible options to adjust the national and regional living wage thresholds to criteria like the family size, the time unit, the currency, and the number of income earners. Each factory can also integrate wage figures to compare directly the eventual gap with living wage thresholds proposed in the database.


1.  Access to the LW database through personalised codes

2. Training on how does the database work

3. Technical assistance 24h/24

4. Follow-up on your questions and needs

Component 1: FW to provide access to “Living Wage” online tool for your company

- Give online access for the necessary users with individual sign-on ID’s for each. No maximum number of users by company.

Component 2: Training on how does the online database work

- Show through a Demo how the online tool is working and the different options for the user

-  Have a call after six months to make sure that the database is used to its full potential

Component 3: Ensure the maintenance of the online tool

-  The online tool is permanently maintained and the server is available 24 hours a day.

-   Assistance in case of malfunctioning of the online tool will be provided within 24 hours maximum.

-   Regular updates (every year in September) of living wage thresholds and minimum wages are carried out according to new living wage thresholds that are collected around the world by our team of researchers.

-   Permanent improvements of the functions of the online tool: as an example, the new option of ‘number of income earners in the family’ has been added in September 2018 while new regional thresholds have been incorporated into the online tool in both 2019 and 2020.

Component 4: Follow-up on your questions and needs

-   Through our regular FWN-L’Oréal collective calls, we will respond in writing to all questions you will have about the necessary criteria to select for the living wage definition on one hand, and also about the necessary wage data to be selected to be compared to the living wage thresholds

-   During the adaptation of the online tool and its functions FW will take into account the needs and suggestions from your company and other users.


In consideration of the fee payment for the Database and for the purposes and uses specified in the Agreement, Fair Wage hereby grants your company a limited non-exclusive non transferable revocable licence to use the Database for internal purposes. Your company  shall not have the right to sell, assign, transfer, rent, lease, sublicense, lend, give or make available to others or otherwise transfer or dispose of the Database in its present form or as converted or modified by Fair Wage, or make the Database available in any manner for use by any other person, or customer or consultant. Your company shall not reverse, decompile, disassemble or otherwise reverse engineer the whole or part of the Database nor modify, adapt or translate the Database in any way nor merge the whole or part of the Database with any other Database. Your company shall not engage in the development or marketing of a product or system commercially competitive with the Database at any time during the Licence Period.

Proprietary Rights and Confidentiality

The Database is a proprietary product of Fair Wage and is protected by copyright laws and Fair Wage reserves all rights of ownership and copyright and all other intellectual property rights in any version of the Database in any format or any medium.

Your company as the user  agrees that, during the term of this Agreement and thereafter, the Database including any versions modified by Fair Wage  shall remain the exclusive property of Fair Wage, and that your company  further agrees during the term of this Agreement and thereafter to maintain in confidence and not to disclose to any person, firm or company. Your company  shall use the Database and all information and documentation only for the purpose of this Agreement.

Process in Steps

-  After you sign and send back this agreement, FWN communicates your Access codes

- On this basis you will be able to start navigating on our platform and also to follow the video we will send you to ensure your optimal use of the online tool

- In the collective calls with L’Oreal we will support with upcoming questions and needs for clarifications.

- Renewal of access after one year.