We are proud at the Fair Wage Network to help L’Oréal and all of you, its strategic suppliers, to become a living wage employer and a living wage supply chain by 2030, that is to ensure

all your workers will get enough to ensure their family will be able to cover their basic needs and beyond, to participate decently in the life of society.

We are here to help you implementing your living wage journey, and we would like to explain you the different steps to follow.

At the beginning, it might look as a complex process but it becomes an easy process when following the right sequence of steps and also using the right tools that we will be happy to provide you.

1. First the access to a unique set of reliable and coherent dataset on the living wage thresholds that we defined on the basis of multiple surveys on living costs in more than 3000 localities in the world and which is adjusted every year from new survey results and inflation rates. 

2. Then a wage template that allows you to know what wage data to collect and share with us through a secured and anonymous platform that respects the highest data protection standards. 

3. We will then be able to generate what we call a ‘living wage gap analysis’ to help you identify whether there are eventually workers below the living wage and by how much, in order to put in place the necessary remediation to close the gap. 

4. When 100% of your workers are found to be paid at least a living wage, we will carry out a random and quick survey  among a few selected number of entities (generally 5%) where we will survey a representative sample of workers through a quick questionnaire.

5. After this validations survey confirms no workers are paid below the living wage, you will be able to obtain our certification as a ‘living wage employer’, as several L’Oréal suppliers already did.

6. We will be able to support you on how to communicate externally about your commitment to become a living wage employer. We will give you examples of communication strategies followed by other brands and the tools they used to do so.