Step 3: Living Wage Validation and Certification for your Business Unit(s)

This service will take place after the Living Wage Gap analysis is completed.

Please select a continent and type in the country/countries below where your company's employees are located.

Please indicate the number of business units that you would like to receive certification for noting that certifying one business unit costs 600 eur. If you would like to be certified globally as an entire company, please choose the number of business units that would represent 5% of all business units (for example if your company has 100 business units, then choose the number of 5 business units - 5 x 600= 3000eur).

600.00 € 600.0 EUR 600.00 €

600.00 €

Not Available For Sale

  • Select continent, type in countries and select total number of units to be covered

This combination does not exist.

Terms & Conditions

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